Interface GridLevelGridOptions

The grid level options. The grid level options are used to define hierarchical grids. Please see any of the hierarchical grid examples at for an example.



columns?: ColumnOptions[]

The columns to displayed in the grid. IF not provided, the columns will be generated from the data. For grouped columns, you can use the children property to define the sub columns. The children property can be used recursively to define sub columns.

displayOrder?: GridSection[]

Changes the order in which the grid displays the filter,header,body,footer,and toolbar. The order in which the various sections of the grid are laid out.

Defaults to toolbar,header,filter,body,footer

enableFilters?: boolean

Enables the filter.

enableFooters?: boolean

Enables the footer

enableHeightAutoAdjust?: boolean

Enable height auto adjust. This is used to adjust the height of the grid based on the number of rows. Please see:

enablePaging?: boolean

Enables paging in the grid.

enableToolbar?: boolean

Enables the toolbar.

filterPageSortMode?: FilterPageSortLoadMode

The Filter/Page/Sort Mode. Can be either "server" or "client". In client mode, the grid will take care of paging, sorting and filtering once the dataprovider is set. In server mode, the grid will fire a named filterPageSortChange that should be used to construct an appropriate query to be sent to the backend.

gridSections?: GridSectionInfo[]

The sections to be displayed in the grid. The sections are the header, body, footer, and the toolbar.

heightAutoAdjustMax?: number

The maximum height of the grid when enableHeightAutoAdjust is set to true.

nextLevel?: GridLevelOptions

The nextLevel property is used to defined hierarchical grids. If you know upfront how deep the hierarchy is, you can define the nextLevel property recursively. If you do not know how deep the hierarchy is, you can use the enableDynamicLevels property to dynamically add the nextLevel property.

paginationOptions?: PaginationOptions

These options control the pagesize, and the allowed pagesizes, and whether the pagesize can be changed.

rowHeight?: number

The rowHeight to be used. You can customize the rowHeight by setting it on the grid or by setting the Constants.GRID_CONSTANTS.DEFAULT_ROW_HEIGHT to a different value.

sortOptions?: SortOptions

The options to control the sorting. This allows you to control whether or not multiple columns can be sorted and lets you specify the default sort.

toolbarOptions?: ToolbarOptions

Controls the various sections of the toolbar.

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