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📄️ Introduction

One of our most prominent strength is our first class support for hierarchical/tree shaped data. We like to beleive all data is essentially hierarchical. This is because data is nothing without relationships. We've built our component to support this. While most other grid components will show a simple master/detail or expand/collapse type rows, we've taken it many steps further, and integrated hierarchical filtering, floating rows that give your users context while scrolling, lazy loading at all levels, virtualized scrolling of hierarchical data, Selection Cascade, Group Headers, Very Large Hierarchcial Grids, Inner Level Renderers with Locked Column Support and many more features built around this. Its very easy to write features with for flat data. Once you add an additional depth dimension, which is the case with most real world data, things get a lot more complicated. Support for complex hierarchical data has been a cornerstone of our products for over two decades, and we've carried on that DNA into this component.