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EUXDT React DataGrid

A React DataGrid written in TypeScript, by a team with 20+ years of experience building data grids

Zero Dependencies, Fast, Light Weight & Side Effect Free

With no other dependencies and a tiny footprint, EUXDT React DataGrid provides you with a blazing fast and lightweight data grid, while supporting all the features you need. Side effect free, webpack/vite treeshakable.

Material UI Integration

Integrates deeply with MUI, but can be used completely stand-alone, or other UI libraries (Bootstrap, Ant Design, etc) thanks to a fully pluggable rendering engine.

Developer Friendly

Designed to implement the vast majority of the most complex features required by enterprise applications, Paging, Filters, Footers, Server Side Integration, PDF/Excel Export , User Settings Persistence, Child/Nested/Detail Grids, Lazy load support, Keyboard Navigation, Drag and Drop, Column Groups, Column Locking, Column Resizing, Column Reordering, Menu, Grouping, Sorting, Filtering, Locking, Hiding, Aggregations,