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EZGrid React DataGrid

A React DataGrid written in TypeScript, by a team with 20+ years of experience building data grids

Zero Dependencies, Fast, Light Weight & Side Effect Free

With no other dependencies and a tiny footprint, ezgrid React DataGrid provides you with a blazing fast and lightweight data grid, while supporting all the features you need. Side effect free, webpack/vite treeshakable.

Designed to integrate

EZGrid can be used as a completely standalone React Component. However, enterprise applications are complex and often require integration with other frameworks and libraries. We provide official adapters for MUI, Ant, BootStrap, and more. Integrated Charts with HighCharts, recharts, Chart.js, and more. Backend integrations with Knex.js, TypeORM, Graphql (apollo), AWS Lambda, Java, .Net, Ruby, Php and more!.

Developer Friendly

Designed to implement the vast majority of the most complex features required by enterprise applications, Paging, Filters, Footers, Server Side Integration, PDF/Excel Export , User Settings Persistence, Child/Nested/Detail Grids, Lazy load support, Keyboard Navigation, Drag and Drop, Column Groups, Column Locking, Column Resizing, Column Reordering, Menu, Grouping, Sorting, Filtering, Locking, Hiding, Aggregations,