Built in Exporters

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Out of the box, there are the following Exporters available:

All these exporters can be found in the export namespace. They all inherit from the Exporter class.

By default when you do an export, you will see the following popup:

The grid has two properties, grid.excelOptions and grid.wordOptions, which you can use to customize the behavior of the exporters. Although the grid does a lot more than just word and excel, these are the only two that get their own buttons on the grid's toolbar, to save space and reduce clutter. The grid.excelOptions and grid.wordOptions both are associated with the toolbar icons for excel export and word export. The other exporters inherit their options from these two, depending on which one was used to launch the window.

The ExportOptions class is quite useful to customize the behavior of the export mechanism. Full documentation here : http://www.flexicious.com/resources/docs29/com/flexicious/export/ExportOptions.html. This class inherits from PrintExportOptions, which contain common properties between the printing and exporting mechanism. The PrintOptions class is documented here: http://www.flexicious.com/resources/docs29/com/flexicious/grids/events/PrintExportOptions.html